They say, "what you don't know can't hurt you" -
but when it comes to white-collar crime and your
business, the opposite is true.

CSO is dedicated to helping businesses uncover what is hidden behind the scenes and out of view while providing valuable insight so it doesn't have the opportunity to trouble your business again.

Fraud Examination

Fraud dreads examination. Learn how CSO uses decades of experience to know how and where to dig deep to uncover the source of hidden fraudulent activity.
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Employee Code of Conduct

Human motivation and frailty are behind every incidence of crime. Learn how CSO's knowledge of the "human factor" is a powerful asset in finding the weaknesses in any work environment and can help create a crime-resistant accountable workplace.
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All-Points Analysis

Our process for investigation utilizes both financial and business information to understand the numbers and interpret the story behind them. It is a process that requires investigative skills, an enquiring mind and a comprehension of business and financial fundamentals.
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