The CSO Service Advantage: Prevention & Action


During economic downturns, dedicated audit and security personnel are often seen as costly overhead, yet without them, organizations are left vulnerable to crime. CSO can fill the void if your company does not have internal audit or corporate security personnel or provide support when those departments become overburdened.

Review, Investigation, and Solution

When you call in the team from CSO, they will conduct a comprehensive independent review of your company's current white-collar internal controls to make sure they are effective, efficient and realistic - before an incident can happen. And if an incident has already happened, CSO can investigate and help you understand what happened where, why and by whom - with a determination to solve the crime and recover what has been taken.

A Complete Security Package

CSO's Prevention & Action process will provide you with all the security services you need. CSO has the resources to examine all aspects of your company: finance, human resources, or IT. We help you get proactive with fraud protection by designing and implementing a secure workplace before an incident can occur. And if something's already awry, our team's forensic investigators will uncover the answers you need, then show you solid steps on how to keep crime at bay in the future. We are experts in fraud examination and theft investigation and have provided expert witness testimony in both criminal and civil courts of law.

Our services include: