Kelly Malcolm, CFI, MSc, CRM
Director, CSO Consulting Service Inc.


Kelly is a Certified Forensic Investigator, criminologist and risk profiler with CSO's Global Risks Group in matters centering on professional misconduct.

Kelly obtained her Master's in Criminology from the London School of Economics in 1996 and gained over 15 years experience working in the investigative field for a number of firms including a large public accounting firm, an expert services firm and a multi-national global risk security group.

Prior to her involvement in investigations, she worked in Human Resources management where she acquired problem solving and issue defining skills relating to a variety of employee behaviours. In 2003, Kelly obtained the designation of Certified Risk Manager from the Global Risk Management Institute and in 2006 she became a Certified Forensic Investigator.

In addition to conducting investigations centering on matters addressing professional conduct, Kelly has undertaken numerous engagements, involving aggression and harassment in the workplace, employee impropriety and misconduct, corporate fraud, compliance audits and issues of shareholder disputes.

Kelly's approach to assignments involves awareness of those who might be impacted by the investigation - from senior management, to the staff, and to the individual(s) suspected of the wrongdoing.