Through shaky economic times, we understand the need to keep your business on solid financial ground.


Fraud can put a business in the red. The combination of greed, opportunity, and need is the perfect recipe for white-collar crime. Such activity is covert and hidden by nature, going on undetected and slowly draining a company of resources and assets. But when you call in the CSO team to investigate what has gone wrong, whether it be fraudulent or simple inappropriate activity, we know where to quickly shine a spotlight into your company's darkest of corners to unearth what has happened and how.

The People Behind the Numbers

We know that white-collar crime isn't just about numbers: it's about people. There is a mind behind the hand that wrote the number that created the fraud, and human motivation behind every discrepancy. In an economic downturn, people scramble to take what they can get, and that mentality could spell financial disaster for a vulnerable business. We can help you understand where and how it can go wrong - before it starts.

Our Experience is Your Peace of Mind

With years of experience in fraud investigation, forensic accounting, and threat and risk analysis, CSO provides its clients with expert service and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your business is safe by taking solid steps in deterring crime.