Our All-Points Analysis Process


Policy recommendations, review and implementation.

Our All-Points Analysis is the process of investigation utilising financial and business information to understand the numbers and interpret the story behind them. It is a process that requires investigative skills, an open enquiring mind and a comprehension of business and financial fundamentals. Here's how it works

The CSO team begins by getting to know your goals and needs. Do you need to make sure your company's current security systems are working, or have you already discovered evidence of crime?

To gain a complete perspective on the company, a full review of current security measures is carried out. If a crime has been committed, we review all the internal and external factors acting upon your company, and use a drill-down approach and an in-depth examination to isolate the source of the problem. Once we assemble all the pieces, we use the whole picture to understand what may happen or has happened and why.

Years of forensics work mean that we can immediately spot even the subtle anomalies and warning signs that may lead to crime, or the trail that leads to the culprit. We use the GONER method (Greed, Opportunity, Need, Environment, and Rationalization) to do a close examination of who and what is threatening the security of your company.

We create an effective fiscal security plan to ensure your assets and processes are safe from internal or external threats. If you have been the victim of crime CSO will investigate and provide the answers to how the transgression occurred. We will explain why your firm was targeted and where remedies may be sought to stop the event and seek restitution. We focus on providing management with a clear, efficient solution that will minimize any repeat event.